About us

Hi-Q Electronics Pvt Ltd was established in 1978 by its Managing Director Dr.S.Venkatachalam. Over the years it has grown continually to be a leading manufacturer of Multilayer PCB’s in India.

Hi-Q has a modern production facility located in Hosur. The production is mainly high layer count Unpopulated Multilayer PCB’s, Flex, Flex Rigid and Laser Drilled HDI PCB’s . Hi-Q produces prototype and small quantity PCB’s with quick turnaround times and well as high reliability PCB’s for Aerospace, Defense and Space use.

Continuously updating the machinery has been Hi-Q’s principle ever since its inception–thus maintaining its lead in PCB technology.

As the electronic Industry in India expands to new frontiers, Hi-Q Electronics will provide the foundation through superior, high quality printed circuit boards.

Hi-Q’s business philosophy is “To manufacture PCB’s with the Quality at its Best and to exceed customer’s expectation.”