CEO Message

April 2019

Hi-Q Electronics has just completed our financial year ended on March 31, 2019. Our production reached an all-time high with robust demand from many of our customers.

Hi-Q Electronics has continuously updated its technology and machinery since its inception since 1978. This year will see yet another significant jump.

Several initiatives are in various stages of implementation.

Significant investments in capital equipment are being made over the next 18 months thus increasing our capacities, production, and test capabilities. This investment will happen simultaneously with new hiring as well as additional training for our existing employees.

Our website will see significant improvements in the coming year enabling our customers to obtain prices online and upload files. The site will have more features in the coming years.

Several new qualification activities are ongoing, including new laminates, and innovative processes. These are both internal projects as we well as with the support of our existing customers. We expect to see good demand for these types of boards in the coming years.

We expect to see significant progress in several new customer/industry certifications this year.

We want to thank all our Customers, Employees, Suppliers and other partners for their efforts for a successful past year and look forward to a good year ahead.