Schedule Criteria

Hi-Q Electronics thanks you for your purchase order. The document below defines how delivery schedules and shipment dates are calculated in our production.


The purpose of the guideline is to ensure that boards manufactured at Hi-Q  are delivered as per agreed dates.


This guideline is applicable to all customers irrespective of schedule days and class of job.


Once the order is confirmed by customer by releasing a purchase order / letter of intent and after sharing all required electronic data / manufacturing information the following schedule criteria will be applicable.

  1. There is no change in schedule timeline if the customer replies to any clarification / query email sent by Hi-Q within 2 hours.
  2. Schedule increases by one day (No of scheduled days + 1 day) if replies are received by Hi-Q more than 2 hours but before 9 AM the next working day.
  3. Schedule will be increased by ‘n’ days (No of scheduled days + n days) , based on number of days taken for Hi-Q to receive replies. One day will get added if replies are received after 9 AM.
Example schedule table.



a. All the above criteria is applicable only for working days and mail clarification received between 9 am – 6 pm Indian standard time.

b. When Hi-Q sends any clarification mail after 5 pm, we expect to receive the reply by 9 AM next working day for the schedule not to get reset by one day.

c. In cases where customers puts the order on hold, the schedule will get added by the number of days taken to release the job back into production. All date counts will be reset at 9 AM the next working day.

d. A change / additional requirement communicated after the job is released into production will result in reschedule of shipment date, as well as costs/ or scrapping charges if applicable.




Schedule table

Sl. No. Number of Scheduled days as per quotation Reply within 2 hours Reply after 2 hours within 9 AM next working day Reply after ‘n’ days (clock reset at 9 AM)
1 5 days 5 days 6 days5  5 + ‘n’ number of days
2 8 days 8 days 9 days 8 + ‘n’ number of days
3 14 days 14 days  15 days 14 + ‘n’ number of days
4 21 days 21 days 22 days 21 + ‘n’ number of days
5 28 days 28 days 29 days 28 + ‘n’ number of days